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AVD is a digital art platform, consisting of mobile-only exhibitions, a desktop based reZidenxy and IRL localhost events.

To view the current mobile exhibition go to www.a-v-d.xyz on your phone.

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Localhost events are site specific online exhibitions that take place in physical locations.

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Ololade Adeniyi Juan Covelli Ed Florance

_Out of Space

_Curated by Jack Smurthwaite

_1.11.18 - 30.11.18


Jon Arbuckle John Flindt Daniel Lee Cassie McQuater Henry Pope Jonny Tanna Tabitha Tohill-Reid George Stone Ian Williamson

_localhost:AVD @ APT Gallery


Download documentation here.


Rosie McGinn

_Boxing Stare Downs



Henry Pope

_Pissing Angels/LA Blues




_キスキスが恋に落ちる (Kisukisu ga koiniochiru)



Hayley Rackham

_Upwards we said,



Ian Williamson




Edward Rowe





1.12.18 - 31.12.18

An Explosive Case

Duncan Herd

An Explosive Case is a durational exhibit of pastiche video collage, in four parts, using found footage surrounding the use of lithium ion (or Li-ion) batteries, touching on their production, uses and vulnerabilities.

The works —revealed over the duration of the exhibition— address 'the mobile' through collated or re-animated imagery of portable devices; self referential to how the works are displayed. The project seeks to create an awareness towards the physicality of consuming digital media, shifting focus from the familiar iconographic notion of 'the battery' to the cells and electrons powering hand-held devices that today, we hold closer than ever.

Mobile only online exhibition on www.a-v-d.xyz.


22.10.18 - 7.12.18

localhost:AVD (v1.1)

Jon Arbuckle, John Flindt, Daniel Lee, Cassie McQuater, Henry Pope, Jonny Tanna, Tabitha Tohill-Reid, George Stone, Ian Williamson

Site specific online exhibition at Harlesden High Street, 7 Bell Yard, WC2A 2JR.

Part of 'New Materialities of the Digital Age'.

fb event

Once a utopian sharing society, the internet has become a capitalist colony. Discarded imagery, disused data and yesterday’s memes litter the ever more authoritarian virtual streets.

Miscellaneous leftovers from our hedonistic hyper-capitalist consumer society constantly surround us in our daily lives. Captured by Google’s street view cameras, these objects are subsequently immortalised in data form. This is data that exists solely for the digital representation of rubbish, trash; something that, at some point, has been deemed undesirable and disposed of. Is it therefore, inherently useless? Is it trash itself?

The continuing colonisation and monopolisation of the internet brings it crashing back down to our mundane reality, street view is but a visual incarnation of the internet’s ever expanding immaterial landfill of useless information; our throwaway psyche; our post-utopian internet experience.

arrows rotate cube, W and S scroll text, R for reZindexy